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Why We’re Pivoting from Mobile-first to Web-first | philosophically by Vibhu Norby

A rather long read on the mobile first vs web first approaches to developing web applications.

As a web developer consultant I’m leaning towards the web first approach but not neglecting the mobile part. 

The articles talks more about product development, which usually map up to the type of projects or web applications   I build as a consultant.

Thinking Async | CSS-Tricks

Some pretty sweet guidelines for managing your async resources. 

The article doesn’t go into much detail but has a few hands-on optimization stuff one can find inspiration in.

What’s wrong with the noun/adjective/verb object oriented design strategy « While I Compile

I just read John MacIntyre’s blog post on using noun, adjectives and verbs as a design strategy when you design code.

As starting point, when writing code, I think it’s an excellent design strategy.

John has an interesting argument that some verbs could also be a process classes. This I certainly agree with, it rhymes pretty well with the SOLID principles.

Semantic Versioning

In the world of software management there exists a dread place called “dependency hell.” The bigger your system grows and the more packages you integrate into your software, the more likely you are to find yourself, one day, in this pit of despair. 

Nouns and verbs in OO land

This almost 5 year old blog post written by Steve Yegge is the perfect sunday reading if you fancy reading something clever about Nouns and Verbs in object oriented programming.

In the Kingdom of Javaland, where King Java rules with a silicon fist, people aren’t allowed to think the way you and I do. In Javaland, you see, nouns are very important, by order of the King himself. Nouns are the most important citizens in the Kingdom. They parade around looking distinguished in their showy finery, which is provided by the Adjectives, who are quite relieved at their lot in life. The Adjectives are nowhere near as high-class as the Nouns, but they consider themselves quite lucky that they weren’t born Verbs.

Morning Shanghai!! (Taken with instagram)


Morning Shanghai!! (Taken with instagram)

Decaying beauty. (Taken with instagram)
Window of opportunity. (Taken with instagram)
Suspicion or curiosity? (Taken with instagram)
Latency or packet loss? (Taken with instagram)